Friday, December 19, 2008

Movin on up...

I've moved!

Blogger isn't satisfying me anymore.  
Other things that have lost their effect on me...

1) Heroes
2) Whiskey
3) Linkin Park
4) Intervention
5) Holiday Sentiments
6) Every guy I've ever been with, except for one.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Me and my brother have a seriously healthy relationship.  
The following conversation stemmed from me taking all the quarters from my brothers change cup for the bus.  A seriously douchey move on my part, but I managed to turn the whole situation around, I transformed from sketchy, thieving sibling to fabulous blogging brother.

Red= My brother
Blue= Me

AIM IM with mmmthatwasgood9212/15/08 11:56 AM
you owe me four bucks
cuz you took change from my room
yeah well i found 2 of my shirts in your room too
so please
change i have been trying to fucking save up
spare me
ok i ll just snitch to dad then
tis all good
you will?
then ill tell him you are taking chemicals

and stealing my clothes
do it
and then i leave
and you're in trouble

do it
right now

and im 300 miles away and he cant do anything
call em up
oh shut the fuck up will
its quarters
you're not black
chill out

lol alright i ll tell dad then cuz your uch a child you cant pay back money you stole
and blackmailing is a pitiful thing for you to do
so please call him

what the fuck is your deal?
youre so crazy
no im asking for MY money back
youre SO crazy
no im poor
and i have been saving all my quarter the whole year
dad gives you how much a week?

for you too come and jack me like i wouldnt notice
and i get...20? mayyyyybe?
oh i knwq you would notice
but i didnt think your nigger ass would care

so just pay e back or dad will make you
i give you clothes
i find you drugs
i side with when dads an ass (most of the time)
im a cool older brother
and give you cool clothes
i get you laid

i could get you laid
if you wanted my girlfriends
ill bring you home a vicodin or something
or some glitter

ok well whatever thats all you have to do when i say you owe me money that you took without asking and you say " pleeease"
then all i can do is tell dad
you need to realize telling dad sucks more for you than it does for me.
Plus im CRAZY now
ive lost my mind up north
so watch out
im fittin to get beyonce to fight you

well alright bi bro
Dis be goin on my blog

You left the chat by logging out or being disconnected.
12:25 PM
(About 15 minutes after the last conversation)

lol my friends are all very interested in sam banks
they all wanna smoke you out
lets do it!

haha they will be pretty happy to hear this
well i need some assistance on DIS planet
whats glitter btw?
UHHHH hello glitter, glitter sparkle nationz
uh thats make zero sense
have you been keeping up with my blog
tell your friends about it
especially the faggot-y ones

you are only one of with tons of bloggers out there we all have so much to read and is sam SISSONS blog really important

Direct Instant Message session started
no offense of course
im funny
im famous
and im older than your gay ass blogging friends
and i have connections
mafia ties

hahahaha gay ass blogging friends!?!?1
you have to meet my friend "phil morphine"
hahahaahahahah tell him to stop lying about his name
you have no phone how am i ever supposed to see you
says sam banks

you should come to my welcome back party tomm night
OOH i am soo down but dad wont let me


ooh tomaro
yeeeee lez sneak youz in
why would i need to sneak into my bros own party?
cuz youz aint 21
oooh shiz
this is just getting better and better
but dad would never let me

nooooo not at all
i am a piimp
and im sickish
oh dont be kind of sick
ill teach you

i definitely need no teaching
i wanna talk to ben
about ska
does anyone know how to reech him
but he loved skankin pickles
thats all i remember
dont you wanna talk about brit brit?

ugh bro, you're impossible
im telling you, go listen to some britney and you'll start to feel much better
i read some letter from your gf that was lying around your room
she loves you ALOT
what'd she do to you?

hhahaha your a dick
im serious!
what'd that little floozy do

oh lotsa shit i dont remember what it was exactly that time
i prolly put it in my blog

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What ever happened to Baby Gray?

Can someone please tell me where my coming of age soul divas are now?  Why has Macy Gray lost her mind?  Why is Jill Scott doing Tyler Perry movies?  Does that make her crazier than Macy Gray? I guess working at McDonald's really is a sign of things to come....This was taken from Gray's Wikipedia page regarding the next step in her career.  Someone please explain.

The Gray Life (2008): Nemesis Jaxson
Macy recently launched a new campaign under the name Nemesis Jaxson, with upcoming single, Slap A Bitch: [56]
"ladies and gentlemen. boys and girls. pimps and hos. my name is macy gray. i have decided to re-enter the real world and make my fifth album. it will be the biggest comeback you've ever seen. bigger than the big lies the american government has been telling us for eight years. not for the money and not for the fame, but friendship. yes. i miss my fairweather friends and the only chance i have of being in their company again is to write more hit songs and start getting my picture taken in trendy restaurants with other people who believe themselves to be stars. my very first contribution to my up and coming super success is a biographical ditty called: "SLAP A BITCH," written by Myself, Jared Gosselin and Phillip White - also known as Jared and Whitey. They are also the producers of this song. The great Dave Pensada, mixed and mastered. A quote from the song: "when i was 13, i slapped a bitch." for those of you who download songs for free, i've done you one better. i've made a video [57] for free and it is one of the most entertaining works of art that you will ever see. A Vma winner for sure. If I don't get an award for this video I'm gonna sue. Someone should sue mtv anyway for false and misleading network name. Anyway. Obama says...yes we can. I say... Boom shaka laka baby. Ladies and gentlemen Men and women Winners and losers, SLAP A BITCH. BY MACY GRAY. COMING SOON. VERY SOON."

Next, why is India.Arie so tacky now?  Maybe I'm missing something but her new stuff must SUCK if I haven't heard it.  I used to be obsessed with India.Arie, she was really talented!  but now...I mean, lets take a look at the evidence

The cover art for her debut album:                

Cover art for her latest album:
I'm sorry but just because Tina Knowles used to style BeyoncĂ© doesn't mean every one's moms should dress them as adults.  Girl, you're looking goofy please stop it.

Um, where is Jill Scott?  I understand that she's in the new Dakota Fanning rape flick Hounddog, and she did that Tyler Perry movie (which doesn't count in my eyes cause I'm not black, wait...does ANYONE like those movies?  who sees that shit?) but I'm talking about as a come she too has dropped off the radar?  She released an album in 2007 but I never heard it.  I would attribute the strange disappearances of these women to their weight.  But India.Arie is looking real fit in the photo above so once again I'm at a loss.

Finally, I miss Angie Stone.  I bought her Mahagony Soul album in '01 and it was REALLY good.  She's been around since the eighties when she was in a group called The Sequence.  But nowadays, she whores herself out on Celebrity Fit Club?  Like, have some self respect Angie, I can't be worrying about all you ladies or else Ima go craycray.

I wish I could end this post with some fulfilling and kind conclusion.  Like "Ya know, I take it back...these girls are just doing their own thing.  They're makin music and staying under the media orgy's radar and I gotta respect them for it."  And while that is partly true, they are doing their own thing and makin music.  But the music SUCKS!  I'm listening to all there most recent singles and not one of them is a step forward from their debut albums.  I mean we all went crazy for Macy Gray's "I try".  And don't tell me you don't know at least ONE Jill Scott and India.Arie song...they were critically acclaimed artists when they blew up.  Too bad they just turned out to be proud african women.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Save the! --eh, We're Over It.

What ever happened to 'save the rainforests??' Al Gore, are you out there? When I was a little lad, it was like doomsday if the rainforests were ever cut down. If the rainforests were destroyed, we would not only increase the CO2 in our atmosphere and turn the heat way up in our Earth, but we would lose hundreds of thousands of precious, precious endangered species in the process. Some of which we've never even seen before! Or so I was told...

But what happened? Were they 'saved?' I doubt it... How did the drama end? What's going on there? I want to know!

When I was in grade school, it was like we were being indoctrinated with pro-rainforest propaganda! I swear, we had pictures of them posted, we were tested on them, I'm sure we had some sort of Rainforest Day to celebrate their crucial nature and the beautiful wonders that they contain. Hell, I know from grade school that the rainforest has layers; the top is the canopy and that's where all the birds lived and stuff, and at the bottom is really dark because the trees are that tall!

We had movies telling us the importance of the rainforests! Helloo, FernGully anyone?? If I remember correctly, that bulldozer monster was terrifying! And if there was no bulldozer monster in FernGully, then it was from another rainforest movie, which further validates my point. The 90s were saturated with Rainforest promotions.

One would think that now, when 'green' is a catchphrase and corporations are bragging about their environmental standards and we each seem to matter-of-factly know the science of how global warming works, that we would at least have some update on how our South American world wonders are doing.

It's honestly like the World Wildlife Fund or Greenpeace or whomever were like, "Ah, fuck it. The only people interested in rainforests are little kids. Once they grow up they lose interest; we all saw it coming. Let's start talking about recycling instead." Does anyone care to fill me in? If this crucial drama of our planet in peril was so incredibly important, why do I not know how the story panned out? Don't we care? Was it that important? It had to be! What happened to the rainforests?? Like the number of licks in a Tootsie-Pop, the world may never know...

Monday, December 8, 2008

hate to say I told you so

So, I didn't pass my developmental math class.  Thats about 4 attempts at basic algebra that have failed.  Everything else stuck, I survived chemistry, I stayed afloat in physics even.  AP Art History was doable, and AP English lit and English comp were almost a breeze.  But Algebra...ha! Never.  So since I'll never graduate from college because I can't understand dlfjhlksgflkshjdfgjkshMATH, here is a substitute for "Level Of Education" on your resumĂ©

TED University: TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a conference that happens annually in Silicon Valley.  Leaders in the 3 fields mentioned are asked to give a lecture on anything they want.  I've sat on youtube for hours, days even...just listening to what these minds have to say.  I've watched a Lexicographer explain how we can redefine the dictionary.  I've heard JJ Abrams discuss the origins of his obsession for the unkown mystery.  Isaac Mizrahi delivers a manic talk about sources of inspiration and the creative mind.  Its all covered.

I wish that watching TED talks on youtube could somehow be refined into some sort of formal education.  You can choose what lectures you want to see and write responses to them.  You can be inspired by certain speakers to create something of your own brilliance.  I don't know, I just think you guys should check it out, here are some of my favorites: 

The Next 5,000 days of the web

Underwater Astonishments

Do Schools kill Creativity?

Redefining the Dictionary

I know they're all kind of long, but if you're looking for some awesome brain food then is your grocery store.  I encourage you to find one that interests you, so when someone asks you "So what did you learn in school today"  you can say "Nothing, but then I went home and learned something amazing on the internet."

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finals Week

Finals week is staring me in the face and it's time to get serious. While this week is (as it should be) a heavy workload, it's also kind of silly. What's funny about finals week is how common conversational exchanges often seem to be reduced to an unstated competition to find who has the most burdensome, unmanageable workload. Instead of talking about notable news or common interests, the conversations default to a list of the surmounting tasks that the student unknowingly chose to take on when they enrolled in all their classes. Peoples' conversations start sounding a little like these:

"Hey! How are you?"
"Oh I'm fine. I just finished a 25-page paper while standing on my head."

"Heyyy what's upp did you finish our report that's due tomorrow..."
"Well I'm halfway there but only because yesterday I had to go to three different finals that are all scheduled at the same time, but it's cool because I'll just take about 30 more Adderall than usual and I'll whip it out in no time."

"You look a little tired? Do you have a lot of work this week?"
"Um, YES. I haven't slept in four days and the last time that happened was before I went to rehab. I'm considering taking up meth again I'm so tired. I have three papers to write by tomorrow, two are fifteen pages and the other is twenty. The twenty pager I haven't attended class since October."
"Wow, that's too bad."

"Hey, sorry if I seem anxious, I just have this in-class essay in thirty minutes and I feel a little underprepared."
"Oh, that's not that bad, I have an in-class exam this afternoon and we're not allowed to use pens or pencils."

It's like people start making things up just to show how burdened they are! And thank goodness for Attention Deficit Disorder; if that didn't exist, where would Adderall be and how would some people pass their finals? Funny story-- one of my friends once dated this guy that would never EVER smoke pot, but was a HUGE fan of Adderall. I mean, how much more stupid could you get? One is an amphetamine engineered in chemical labs and the other is a plant! Talk about doing something because The Man told you to... Well, I better go, I have a forty-page English paper to finish thats due yesterday and we have to write it in pig-latin.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Am I Dreaming?


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things I get to come home to...

As my first college quarter reaches a close, I have seriously gassius butterflies in my stomach. Im SO excited to go back to LA and here's why:

1) Annette, everything about Annette. OBVIOUSLY
2) Daryl's joints
3) Cactus
4) Yuccas
5) Ross' Dancing
6) Banksy's Back party at Too Many Tuesdays (DEC. 16TH SEE YOU THERE)
7) Mercedes, BMWs, Lexus ad nauseum
8) Xander's brutal honesty
9) Brent's laugh and totally frantic behavior
10) Itaru's cluelessness, JK Bitty you're plugged in.
11) Talia's smile and laugh and hugs
12) Jared's boy like kindness with a dash of satanic tendencies. I MISS JARED
13) Fenton's deep statements drenched in the 100 degree heat.
14) Jack Siegel. totally miss that kid.
15) Reasons to get dressed up
16) Erin's smile, Hayley's smile, Quentin and Lyndsea's attitudes.
17) I miss being treated like teen scene queen RoYaLtY!
18) My army cot bed
19) Im gonna have ALL of my favorite people in one place...and im gonna tackle all of you
20) #14 is a lie

Life's biggest questions.

One of my strongest literary memories from my childhood is this book. The Way Things Work was, well, exactly that. It's a collection of explanations for everyday devices/technology. Everything from the oppositional concepts of levers and gears to the complex operations of a radio. I couldn't for the life of me tell you how any of the things in the book work today. But as a young boy, just knowing I had the answers bound and illustrated in a coffee table book was comforting enough. I would take it out and show my friends that I could potentially learn how film and projectors worked, if I felt so inclined.

Nowadays I am finding myself lacking such resources. The answers to the questions that plague my young mind cannot be found in a book. The inquiries range from incredibly trivial to absolutely paralyzing, but no matter their relevancy they still maintain a generally equal level of importance to me. And although the answers to some of these questions might be obvious, consider how sufficient they actually are a few of the best examples, the ones that attack me so often I can remember them off hand.

- Why do people buy DVD's?
Am I right or am I right? With the creation of Netflix, OnDemand AND Tivo people still think that buying dozens of DVD's is a good idea. You can have ANY movie you want, for as long as you want it and the longest you'll have to wait for it is a day or two. Did we not learn our lesson with 8-tracks and minidiscs? These kinds of things are OBSOLETE people.

-Were did Michael Keaton go?
I know I know, he was in Herbie Fully Loaded and White Noise. But this guy used to be Batman! He was Beetlejuice! He was also in a movie called Multiplicity that I LOVED when I was younger. I guess I just miss him more than most people.

-How am I gonna survive in the modern world?
With the economy headed in the direction that it is. And my rights to marry being revoked, I start to wonder if coming of age and trying to make ends meet in Tomorrowland is even worth it. I can't even manage a checkings account, but I want like 7 children. How is this gonna work?

- Why do Christian crazies feel the need to yell at me?
I dont come to your church and tell you what I think you're doing is wrong. I don't stand on your lawn and preach to you about how much I love being gay. So please don't come to my college campus to tell me I am "the chief of sin" and that I "will get AIDS". Yes, someone said those exact words to me today, on my school grounds nonetheless!

-How come everyone thinks Donnie Darko is so good?
Seriously, doesn't ANYONE feel totally dissatisfied at the end of the movie? For the duration of the film youre taken on this journey, only to end up with as much knowledge as you did at the beginning of the movie. Oh and FUCK Patrick Shwayze.

-Why are people still buying SUVs?
Unless you're a farmer, or your vocation requires an SUV for some reason, you dont need to be buying a Hummer, or a Suburban. I'll admit I see alot more mini SUVs and barely any new full sized ones. But at least twice a week I am still forced to spot that DOUCHEBAG driving a faggot-y yellow Hummer, he's obsessed with West Coast Customs and likes paisley bandanas. Lick me, all of you.

-How come people can't accept that pop music is good?
It must suck to be those people that think its not cool to like pop. Is it not cool to like candy? Is it not cool to like mindless sex? I'm sorry, but pop was designed by some of the best producers and musicians in the industry to make you like it. It's designed to feel good to listen to. It makes you want to dance, but some people cannot get past the stigma. Yeah, I said it...pop music has a stigma, its the victim. SAVE POP MUSIC!

-Ugg Boots...still...during the summer.
ALWAYS with the denim skirt. UGHHHHHH MOVE ON LADIES.


-SHE'S NORMAL AGAIN! and can communicate with people and be televised and tour and actually answer questions
-and her hair is probably growing out too!

on good morning america:

dance in public to celebrate britney day!




Monday, December 1, 2008

Testing... Testing...

We've been wanting a flash mp3 player on this site for some time now... I'm going to see if this works. Fingers crossed...

The song is Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Mirage.
It's on Italians Do It Better's After Dark compilation.

Look Upwards Tonight!

My besties at NASA tell me that tonight the moon will appear very closely to the brightest planets in the sky, Jupiter and Venus. Maybe it will be really pretty. Although if you're like me and you live in LA, you probably will need help just finding the moon. We'll see!
pretty pretty starry skyyy

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's Zac Efron Up To?

I just thought it was appropriate to check in with one of my favorite boys. Looks like he's slutting himself to the gas station.

Ugh... Sorry I just blanked I was looking at the picture. Umm... Oh! Did you know he turned 21 recently? I think he did... Like where were all the wasted pictures of him? Come on Zac, Lindsay gave us some shit photos why not you? Oh yeah because Disney has you wrapped around their plastic fingers. Bummer. Well if you ever need someone to make out with, I'm here for you. I think my facebook is linked here somewhere, hit me up.

(If you want to get coffee or something instead, that's totally cool too)

The Big Picture

If you like hi-resolution, dramatic images then you might like The Big Picture. It's just this online section of the Boston Globe that has really large, good-quality news photographs and shit that for the most part are pretty impressive. There's an Obama series if you can't get enough of him (if that's you then you must be stoked because he's everywhere right now) and there's also intense pictures of the Mumbai massacre if you can handle gross, sad things. There's also really pretty things about natural wonders and stuff too. I actually haven't seen any series about stuff like that yet but I'd just like to hope that there are. 

Sam how the fuck do you find videos like that?

Moment Of Clarity

Gay White Supremacists?

Someone please explain.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am the game, I am the spotlight, I am the thing that makes sure you never think twice

Happy Banksgiving

America's darling is BACK

Bless her heart for working so hard on thanksgiving.  This is Britney's performance at the "Bambi Awards"??? Some German something-or-other.  She pulled two awards!  You guttentag girl!


It's Thanksgiving and I'm drunk and this sucks. Happy Thanksgiving readers!!! We are thankful for you. I will speak on Sam's behalf.

But damnit! Now I'm going to be hungover all day because I chose to drink Jack Daniels and forgot dinner in the same night. Ugh. My body is achy and my head feels really large. I'm gonna stop, everybody already knows what a hangover feels like.

Be back later, must get coffee.

Oh but wait. To celebrate, here's a picture of a turkey. Not a cooked one, no. A living one, so we know what it looked like before it was slayed. And our beloved president.

mmm coffee

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Okay so like when I was in high school Madonna came out with her "American Life" album and it was all anti-this and anti-that and everybody was like ooomg she doesnt like bush ooomg shes crazy blah blah blah. It's so funny to think of that now, where we can actually say that everybody dislikes Bush and the war and all that jazz.
Anyways, I was so into the album (as I should be) and I remember this song was like all like whatever and stuff, and she pulled the video because it was like graphic or something and the war actually started between the song's release and the video's release. And then she released that STUPID edited version with dumb flags and stuff. That was... over five years ago! Wow. So much has changed since then. Okay well here's the full version and it's totally unedited and blah blah blah. Enjoy. I did. (Many times)

oh and sam, thanks for reminding me. kate beckinsale. that's her name!

Its a trailer, but just look at it as a youtube short.

Thanks Christy

Whatshername? WHATSHERNAME!?!?!?!


Click (a FINE FILM, srsly)
Brokedown Palace
...a little movie called The Aviator too.

**AuStRaLia***(oOOh aaAAh)

I am so f*cking sick of this image. Are you? Nicole Kidman thinks she can just come back out of nowhere and saturate bus posters, billboards, and tv ads with an image of her attempting to look authentically desperate while remaining a war-torn tragic beauty. Well I think not. It looks like they rehashed the ads for "Pearl Harbor" and photoshopped Nicole's head over that bulimic whatshername actress. This poster is everywhere! Sometimes movies that try to exert a pervasive omnipresence just motivate me to not view them. I think this will be my attitude for Australia. But it's not like I'm a regular moviegoer anyways. I wonder if this movie is even good. I think its directed by Baz Luhrmann so I guess it's possible? Whatever. I'm sick of it. Put your thoughts in the comment box.

Moment of Clarity: Thanks(but no thanks)giving Edition

Some one please explain...

Animal Circus

So I'm house-sitting for a little bit of thanksgiving break, and I get to babysit the cutest two little animals!! Maybe not cutest, my dog is the cutest obviously. But look at them--

ginger, i think she's a white lab? is that possible? if not white, then golden. soo cute! she's a free-spirited dog that likes fast walks and never acts her age. she has a strict diet of dog food and water and thats how she keeps that amazing trim bod.

ono, a kitten! she's a feisty badass schyster that doesn't take no for an answer. ono spends her time trying to hop on top of the laundry machines and giving ginger's waggy tail some serious smackdowns. im supposed to spray water at her when shes clawing at things and damn does she move. ono may/may not be a boy, but ill assume shes a girl for now because i think of yoko ono when i think of her and yoko was a girl too.

look at them havin a brawl! or a ball? i can never tell if animals are fighting or playing. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's turkey lurkey time betches.

Its the last week of November, Thanksgiving is 2 days away, the holiday season is finally upon us once again and all I can think about is the shit I'm NOT thankful for...I'm SUCH an emo betch I know I know. I promise to go slit my wrists when I'm through writing. I'll even cut them the right way (parallel to your veins, mind you).

-I'm not thankful for having all my meals taken care of, I feel like all I do is eat. And although I may eat healthy, I cannot, to save my life figure out if I am gaining or losing weight. Body image issues just like on Degrassi.

-I'm not thankful that one of my FAVORITE stores is closing down. I mean, where else could you go looking for a laundry hamper and leave with a barrel of jelly beans?


-I'm not thankful that BOTH Lipstick Jungle AND Pushing Daisies are getting canceled. But I still have the option of watching Knight Rider or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fucking please. KNIGHT RIDER PICKED UP ANOTHER SEASON?

-I'm not thankful that I have a weird habit of looking at people like this. They remind me that I'm either totally lucky, or I'm gonna be miserable and aware for the rest of my life.

-I'm not thankful that I WONT be in LA to make my family cry with my famous "what I'm thankful for" speeches. I used to get them every time it was so fun.

-I'm not thankful that Gossip Girl wasn't on last night, don't give me a thanksgiving episode the week BEFORE. That's some bullshit.

-I'm not thankful that Sarah Palin is even considering NOT accepting a talk show option. Do it girl. You're the next Sally Jesse Raphael.'re the next RICKI LAKE
Where the FUCK did Ricki Lake aka Mrs. Winterbourne go come to think of it...

-I'm not thankful I am about to be alone for the 3rd holiday season in a row. Wheres my cuddle next to the fire, get drunk in bed, present exchanging, Christmas caroling, turtleneck wearing dude?
(Ok, I lied about the turtleneck, if he wears one I'll murder him.)


-I'm thankful I'm in school. As much as my behavior/words/everything about me might negate this fact. It's true. I never thought I would have the privilege of going to college. It's expensive, it's time consuming and it involves the efforts of multiple people. I appreciate the energy my family has put into my future, it's a beautiful thing to be laying in my dormroom bed knowing I'm reaching my first holiday break from college. ~*~*ImA sTuDeNt KeWl*~*~

-I'm thankful for all the new friends I've made. At a time of massive transition and upheaval, I have found a new support system, a new foundation of people that keep me sane and crazy simultaneously. They rule, and they're just as out of their minds and evil/mean as my friends from LA/HHC.

-I'm thankful for BBM (blackberry messenger to all those that all of you that have been living under a loser rock for the past 2 years). If it wasn't for BBM I don't think I would've survived at school. It is somehow in my mind more immediate and satisfying than texting, if anyone has any theories as to why this is. Please comment.

-I'm thankful that I'm a full fledged stoner again. If the worse thing you ever get addicted to in 7 years of drug experimentation is pot, then you're gonna be alright. I feel like I'm in high school all over again, these youngins up here smoke MORE, that's right MORE than my friends in Los Angeles. It's kind of a little too much, MAYBE.

-I'm thankful that I have Britney's new album, it will forever be the sound of Winter 2008/2009 for me. Thanks gurl.

-I'm thankful to be myself. If that sounds weird or nebulous then excuse me, but its true. I'm thankful for being the totally turbulent, absolutely insane, rude, cynical, pessimistic, pompous, preachy, loving, vulnerable, scared little child that I am. Half the time I dont feel this way. And that's normal, but the other half of the time...the half that makes the most sense I know I'm an amazing, exciting, entertaining, important part of my loved one's lives.

-I'm thankful that I'm gay. It's a crucial time in history for homosexuals and I am happy and PROUD to be fighting the good fight for my gays. We rule and we know it. I feel a part of something much bigger than myself, and that humbling feeling makes me realize...its a beautiful time to be alive.

-I'm thankful for YOU GUYS!!! HELLOOOOO obviously without you I wouldn't have a reason for writing stupid faggot-y ass sh*t like this. I never in a million years thought I would care about something like a blog, but I find myself becoming more and more invested in it and its all because of you guys telling me you like what I'm doing. Keep up the good work fuckers, and I will too.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone eats and sleeps well and enjoys their time with loved ones. And remember to bring me leftovers.


I've hated the enter-text-security things ever since their inception. They started on ticketmaster, made their way to myspace (huge downer when posting comments), and now, APPARENTLY, they've infected facebook. It's not that I'm blind or stupid (for the most part), it's more that I see many different possibilities that the smeared letters could be, and this ambiguity is troublesome. Kind of like those brain-tricks that are like, oh is it a cup?? or two faces kissing?? What is it? Neither! Both! You're all right/wrong!

Someone please tell me what the proper answer to this one is:

I mean I'm pretty sure the second part is 'stacpoole' or whatever, but what's with that first word?? allvewvaergopeijpeoi... could be anything. leave answers in comments.

Mashed Potatoes & Me

I love mashed potatoes. In two days, I'll get to eat a full plate of them and revel in the joy of their deliciousness and the warm fuzzy holiday feel I'll have because it will be Thanksgiving. I was thinking about mashed potatoes, and they're a sort of unfortunate food (but not just for constipation they cause). They're unfortunate because they're really not photogenic. When people see a picture of a pie or a cake, they say "MMMM OMG I WANT THAT MMM YUMM SOO GOOD OMG WOW" or something along those lines. With mashed potatoes, the effect is kind of similar to that which is acheived by the menus at authentic Chinese take out places--the images repel the customer rather than entice them. Here are some pictures of my favorite Thanksgiving food, and when you say to yourself "ew that looks like shit," just remember that not all foods are as visually appealing as others, and that it's how it tastes on the inside (of your mouth) that counts. 
that actually looks pretty unappealling

(trashy mashed potatoes)

just a waste of time. but kind of clever i guess. no, not really.

Who's the Queer?

It's me! I'm Nicolas, nice to meet you. I'm really shy, and I'm new to these internet parts. What's your name? Omg thats such a pretty name. Well I'll be contributing to this here blog, offering my skewed perspective for your reading delight. Enough jibber-jabber, let's celebrate my first post! Weeee. I'm the new guy. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Moment of clarity

Just when you thought you had it the worst....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beautiful Things #2

I cannot stop.  It makes me happy, and my brain likes happy things.

So you think you can dance?

If you know me at all, you know that I religiously use youtube.  One of my favorite things to do is watch dancers/dancing/music videos with dance routines on youtube.  I've gathered some of the most amazing dance videos around.  Every single one of these videos has had a jaw-dropping effect on me and I hope then when I go crazy dancing I look HALF as cool as these people.  I don't know how to limit myself so I'll try and do one video for every style.  IF I CAN.....

Ballet (Sylvie Guillem)

Hyphey Crunk (ATL Kids)

Pop (Janet Jackson)

Gay Hip Hop (One of the most incredible dancers/choreographers of ALL time, plz watch ALL 12 minutes.)(JONTE)

Modern/Contemporary (Jordan Bradfield)

Pop & Lock (David you've probably already seen him Elsewhere)

Lyrical (Timor and Annemiek, SYTYCD)

I hope you guys like this shit, cause I'm totally digging all of it over and over again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Magical Things

My best friend Annette asked me to do a "Magical Things" post.  And I told her there were no words or images to describe the magic that dictates our lifestyle.  But she insisted that I try, so here is a small, limited collection of images that should make you say "Ahhh magic!"