Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What ever happened to Baby Gray?

Can someone please tell me where my coming of age soul divas are now?  Why has Macy Gray lost her mind?  Why is Jill Scott doing Tyler Perry movies?  Does that make her crazier than Macy Gray? I guess working at McDonald's really is a sign of things to come....This was taken from Gray's Wikipedia page regarding the next step in her career.  Someone please explain.

The Gray Life (2008): Nemesis Jaxson
Macy recently launched a new campaign under the name Nemesis Jaxson, with upcoming single, Slap A Bitch: [56]
"ladies and gentlemen. boys and girls. pimps and hos. my name is macy gray. i have decided to re-enter the real world and make my fifth album. it will be the biggest comeback you've ever seen. bigger than the big lies the american government has been telling us for eight years. not for the money and not for the fame, but friendship. yes. i miss my fairweather friends and the only chance i have of being in their company again is to write more hit songs and start getting my picture taken in trendy restaurants with other people who believe themselves to be stars. my very first contribution to my up and coming super success is a biographical ditty called: "SLAP A BITCH," written by Myself, Jared Gosselin and Phillip White - also known as Jared and Whitey. They are also the producers of this song. The great Dave Pensada, mixed and mastered. A quote from the song: "when i was 13, i slapped a bitch." for those of you who download songs for free, i've done you one better. i've made a video [57] for free and it is one of the most entertaining works of art that you will ever see. A Vma winner for sure. If I don't get an award for this video I'm gonna sue. Someone should sue mtv anyway for false and misleading network name. Anyway. Obama says...yes we can. I say... Boom shaka laka baby. Ladies and gentlemen Men and women Winners and losers, SLAP A BITCH. BY MACY GRAY. COMING SOON. VERY SOON."

Next, why is India.Arie so tacky now?  Maybe I'm missing something but her new stuff must SUCK if I haven't heard it.  I used to be obsessed with India.Arie, she was really talented!  but now...I mean, lets take a look at the evidence

The cover art for her debut album:                

Cover art for her latest album:
I'm sorry but just because Tina Knowles used to style Beyoncé doesn't mean every one's moms should dress them as adults.  Girl, you're looking goofy please stop it.

Um, where is Jill Scott?  I understand that she's in the new Dakota Fanning rape flick Hounddog, and she did that Tyler Perry movie (which doesn't count in my eyes cause I'm not black, wait...does ANYONE like those movies?  who sees that shit?) but I'm talking about as a come she too has dropped off the radar?  She released an album in 2007 but I never heard it.  I would attribute the strange disappearances of these women to their weight.  But India.Arie is looking real fit in the photo above so once again I'm at a loss.

Finally, I miss Angie Stone.  I bought her Mahagony Soul album in '01 and it was REALLY good.  She's been around since the eighties when she was in a group called The Sequence.  But nowadays, she whores herself out on Celebrity Fit Club?  Like, have some self respect Angie, I can't be worrying about all you ladies or else Ima go craycray.

I wish I could end this post with some fulfilling and kind conclusion.  Like "Ya know, I take it back...these girls are just doing their own thing.  They're makin music and staying under the media orgy's radar and I gotta respect them for it."  And while that is partly true, they are doing their own thing and makin music.  But the music SUCKS!  I'm listening to all there most recent singles and not one of them is a step forward from their debut albums.  I mean we all went crazy for Macy Gray's "I try".  And don't tell me you don't know at least ONE Jill Scott and India.Arie song...they were critically acclaimed artists when they blew up.  Too bad they just turned out to be proud african women.  

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